Panoramic Sunroof
Volkswagen Panoramic Sunroof
Manufactured by: Volswagen
Model: Panoramic Sunroof
Panoramic Sunroof

Panoramic Sunroof

Hey, Sun Lover.

Sunshine, like most good things, is better in big doses. And with an available panoramic sunroof, fresh air and sunlight can ride along on all your journeys.


It tilts. It slides. But most of all, the available panoramic sunroof extends over the backseat, so everyone can have a better view. Just one more way the Touareg offers you practically everything.


Feel closer to nature everywhere you go. The available 12.7-sq.ft panoramic sunroof on the Tiguan tilts and slides, helping both front and backseat passengers take in more of the great outdoors.


Golf SportWagen

Make a scenic view more epic with an available 12.7-sq.-ft. panoramic sunroof that slides and tilts to give you a better view of the sun, moon, and stars. Its expansiveness also means your backseat passengers enjoy the view, too.


A fresh breeze and a view of the sky make the Beetle even more fun to drive. And with an available panoramic sunroof that tilts and slides, everyone in the Beetle can find their place in the sun.


CC R-Line

Just when you thought the CC couldn't look better, the panoramic sunroof's sleek lines take it over the top, steering itself straight into your heart.

Golf & Golf GTI

The panoramic sunroof in the Golf is just one of the many ways it's designed to help you command in comfort.

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