Volkswagen Performance


Engineered for the Autobahn.
Enjoyed by drivers everywhere.

From available features like turbocharged engines to our sport-tuned suspensions, we've got decades of experience in making sure that every drive in a Volkswagen is one that you'll remember.


Everything is better when turbocharged.

By perfecting the art and craft of turbocharging our engines, we amp up power yet stay efficient. For instance, the Golf R gets a whopping 292 hp and can still get 30 highway mpg. It's a win-win-vroom.


The result of a high-performance heritage.

The R-Line pays tribute to its racing heritage and powerful predecessors with sporty style, high-performance accents, and a drive that turns heads and corners equally well. Let the attraction begin.


It's not on a racetrack. But it could be.

Sure, every Volkswagen is engineered to be driven on the Autobahn. And it's that same design that makes it so great to drive on your own street. It's no wonder that we've developed such a following over the years. Something some car companies may have a hard time following.

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